Applying Perfect Eye Makeup: Best 12 Eye Makeup Tips

Applying Perfect Eye Makeup is not difficult at all if you have the right things ready.

If you do not, it will take twice as long and still might not look perfect.

Other than applying eye makeup for a normal daily look, there are other occasions when one needs to put on an extra bit of makeup.

In times like these, knowing how to apply the correct type of makeup in the right way is critical.

Applying Perfect Eye Makeup
Applying Perfect Eye Makeup

I am here to tell you how to apply the perfect eye makeup. I will talk about what products are needed and how to use them. Some tips for applying your Eyeshadow naturally and beautifully.

Applying Perfect Eye Makeup

Do you want to know how to apply perfect eye makeup?

If so, this blog post is for you! You will find everything from using the right products and tools to what colours work best with your skin tone.

We also share some tips on creating a few different looks. No matter your skill level or desired look, we have got you covered.

So read on for more information!

I bet most of you have tried to apply your eye makeup before. It’s not easy, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You can end up with smudged eyeliner or mascara all over your face, which is not a good look at all!

Applying Perfect Eye Makeup

This blog post will go through some tips on how to get it right the first time, though!

Applying Perfect Eye Makeup Best 12 Makeup Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are applying eye makeup.

This will help you apply perfect eye makeup for any occasion so that you can look your best.

1. Apply Eyeshadow

If you want a smoky or bright look, you can use dark colours for this.

For more natural looks, lighter eyeshadow colours are best for the daytime. If your under-eye area is puffy, then light-coloured eye shadows will de-emphasize the puffiness around the eyes.

2. Apply eyeshadow primer

It is better to use a primer all over the eye area. This will help in making your Eyeshadow stay longer and keep the colour even for a longer time.

3. Apply Eye Liner

When applying eyeliner, start at the middle of the upper lid and move outwards towards the corner of the eye. You can smudge out the line to give it a natural look.

4. How To Apply Mascara

Start applying mascara with your lashes at the roots and then move outward towards the corner of the eye.

After this, apply one coat on top if you want more volume or length, or apply another coat on the bottom lashes to make your eyes look bigger.

5. How To Apply Eyebrows

After applying eye makeup, apply eyebrow makeup using a brow pencil or powder that matches your hair colour.

You can also use a shade lighter than your brows for this purpose if you want more defined eyebrows. Look at the natural shape of your eyebrows to know where to apply the powder or pencil.

6. Apply Blush

To apply blush, move upwards towards the centre of your face so that it brightens up your face. You can also use a highlighter under the brows to make them look brighter.

7. Apply kajal or eyeliner close to the bottom lash line

Applying kajal or eye pencil close to the lower lash line if you want a more dramatic look. Apply it carefully and smudge it out towards the corners of your eyes for a natural look.

8. For Contacts

When applying eyeliner, keep in mind that if you wear contacts, keep the eyeliner more than one millimetre away from your contact lens.

9. Use Eye Shadow Base

Apply a base on the crease and along the lower lash line for colours to pop up better. A matte eye shadow would be best as it will not cause any creasing and stay longer.

10. Get Rid of Puffiness Under Eyes

To get rid of puffiness under the eyes, use a cold spoon and hold it on your closed eyes for some time. This will help in de-puffing your under-eye area.

11. Apply Highlighter

Highlighters will help in brightening up your face and make you look more awake.

Apply Highlighter
Apply Highlighter

They can be applied under the brows, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and above chin for this purpose.

12. Apply Bronzer

Applying bronzer helps in reducing redness in your face and brightens up the look of your skin. Just make sure to use a matte bronzer for this purpose.


Applying Perfect Eye Makeup is not that difficult as it was thought to be.

As long as you have patience and concentration with you, you can apply the perfect eye makeup every time!

Many factors go into applying perfect eye makeup. From the colour palette to your eyelid shape, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Understanding what works for you will help you find the best routine and products for your eyes.

We hope this guide has given you some ideas on how to make your eyes pop with a bit of mascara or spice up their natural beauty with shadow colours like rose gold or lavender (we love these!).

Now it’s time to put them into practice!

Read our blog post conclusion paragraph about how we can help if you need more advice.

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