Best 12 Cake Face Makeup Ideas

Cake face makeup is the newest beauty trend that has swept makeup enthusiasts this season. Instead of applying traditional blush, eye shadow, and lipstick to your face, you are putting on a full face of cake — frosting, cream cheese filling (just like in those old-school frosting recipes), and all.

Cake face makeup is already a craze in the world of Instagram celebrities, with the most popular videos by Kylie Jenner holding over 100 million views apiece (who knows how many views her new video will get in just one day).

Best 12 Cake face makeup Ideas

Here are 12 of the best and most fun cakes face makeup ideas you can incorporate into your makeup routine. From simple and natural to bold, there’s a version of cake face makeup for everyone.

Cake Face Makeup
Cake Face Makeup

1. Natural Makeup

You may be tempted to go all out with frosting and sprinkles. Don’t — that’s too much. You’re just looking for cake face makeup to enhance your everyday look. The focus should still be on your natural beauty, not lost among all the bells and whistles of a pastry-inspired makeup item.

2. Dark Skin

You don’t have to be a Kardashian to wear this makeup technique. Many women with dark skin tones can pull off the look, but they may also want to opt for a lighter shade with fewer frosting details.

3. for Teens

Cake face makeup isn’t just for adults! Teens can jazz up their regular everyday makeup by adding edible toppings and decorations (ensure the sprinkles aren’t too big).

4. Older Women

Older women can also rock the look, especially if they are sticking to a light shade and making sure that their face doesn’t look too caked-on or frosted.

5. Beginners

If you’re starting with cake makeup, you can keep it simple by using a lighter cake like angel food or pound cake topped with edible flowers or sprinkles. That way, you can ease into the trend slowly.

6. a Festival or Party

If you want to step up your cake face makeup game at an upcoming party, grab some frosting that’s just a touch darker than your shade of foundation, and then add sprinkles and edible flowers. You can even attach them with ribbon or hairpins.

7. for Fall

It is evergreen; the trend will always be popular if it’s done with flair, creativity, and flair. One way to make it feel more fall-like is to use a pumpkin spice cake instead of a frosted one. Then top with gold and orange sprinkles, Reese’s Pieces, and caramel corn.

8. for Prom

If you’re going to prom or a formal event soon, this makeup idea may be just what you need. The traditional blue-and-white palette makes it look feel like it belongs at a high school dance.

Cake Face Makeup

9. Cake Face Makeup for Spring

This makeup technique is perfect for the blooming season, like a gorgeous bouquet. Plus, with food in mind, you can add flowers to your face, and you won’t feel guilty about eating them.

10. a Fun Night Out

Use the same idea employed in the spring idea — flowers — but add pops of color and a lot more fun. The silver, blue, and white colors make this cake face makeup look more upscale and special.

11. a Frozen Party

If you’re hosting a Frozen-themed party, this cake face makeup is all you need to get the look right. Plus, you can pop in some big fake snowflakes and decorate the cake with chocolate sprinkles.

12. a Fall Wedding

A fall wedding may seem like an odd place to start with this idea, but this cake face makeup looks great on any bride who wants to stay true to her natural beauty and pull off a trend simultaneously.

Cake face foundation

Cake face foundation is a unique way to achieve a perfectly blended makeup look. With just one product, it’s easier to apply and blend than blend together multiple products and colors. Plus, you have the bonus of getting a creamy, moisturized face in the process.

If you’re looking for a new foundation or BB cream.

Cake face cream

The cake face cream is a new way to apply your makeup. It comprises cake (of course), cream cheese frosting, and eye shadow/hued eyeliner. It’s also very easy to use because you only apply one product at a time.

If you’re looking for a new foundation or BB cream that incorporates cake face cream ingredients into its formula.

Cake face Urban Dictionary

Cake face Urban Dictionary is where you can find taboo definitions of cake face makeup. It’s where you can be free to talk about your love for cake face makeup but in a safe, online area.

If you’re looking for something more in-depth than just cake faces makeup definitions and facts.


Cake face makeup isn’t about being limited to the stuff you find in your local grocery store. It can be done with different textures, colors, fun toppings, and techniques. Your cake face makeup may have a name like an angel food cake makeup, but it can also have other names like banana cream pie makeup or cupcake face makeup.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can branch out and try new looks incorporating different types of frosting and ingredients for an even more incredible cake face look.

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