Dog Face Makeup: Best 10 Makeup Ideas

Professionals often use dog face makeup to make their animal customers more expressive. These cosmetics are also described as “dog face paints.” They’re typically sold in cosmetic kits online or in pet supply stores.

The most common type of dog face makeup is a white base applied to the animal’s muzzle, cheeks, and chin — similar to clown makeup. The white paint usually covers any fur on those areas, but it can be customized for owners who want their pets’ hair to stay visible. These products often have glitter added to them, which adds a touch of glamour.

Dog face makeup can be used for a variety of different situations. It’s generally applied when the dog is competing in contests or photo shoots, but owners can also use it to have fun with their pets at home or to give them an all-natural scare tactic while they’re out trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Best 10 Makeup Ideas for Dog face makeup

Here are 10  of the best makeup ideas for dogs.

1. Dog Face Paint (White)

The best dog face paint is white as it can make dogs look scary or clownish. Clown dog face makeup has a similar concept but uses blue or pink colors instead of white. The main difference is that blue and pink colors are more visible in low-light environments, while white colors are more visible in bright environments.

2. Dog Nose Paint (Black)

Dogs with white dog face makeup look great. But, adding black nose paint should do wonders when you want to give them a little realism. The best part is that it’s pretty easy to apply as well. Just ensure you don’t use paints made for humans as they might harm pets if ingested.

Dog Face Makeup
Dog Face Makeup

3. Dog Eye Makeup (Black Eyeliner)

One way of making your pet look scary is by giving them realistic eyes. The type of makeup you use on your dog’s eyes will depend on the type of dog. Some dogs have very interesting eyes that make them look unique, so they use wolf eye or hunter eye makeup instead of plain black eyeliner.

4. Dog Eye Makeup (Glitter)

Some dogs look so cute no matter what you do to them. Adding glitter is a good idea if you’re going for a more cartoonish look. It’s unnecessary, but it adds a lot of sparkle to your dog’s eyes.

5. Dog Face Makeup (Dark Eyebrows)

Adding dark eyebrows is the way to go if you want a very authentic look. Teeth are not necessary, but they can help with this look.

6. Dog Face Makeup (Glitter Eyes)

Dogs have incredible eyes that make them stand out from the rest of the population of dogs and make them look even more unique than before. Adding glitter to those eyes is a great way to make the eyes pop.

7. Dog Face Makeup (Masks)

Dogs love parties just as much as humans do. If you’re planning a Halloween party and want to dress up your pet, adding a mask is a great idea as it will make your dog look even cuter than it already is. Don’t worry. There are many different kinds of dog masks available on Amazon.

Dog Face Makeup

8. Hair Dye (White)

All dogs look good in white, but it’s true that it looks a little too obvious in most cases. For this reason, perhaps, you should aim for a dark or flesh color instead of pure white. However, if your dog has no natural hair color or is a puppy, this may not be an option, and you’ll have to wear white dog face makeup.

9. Hair Dye (Brown)

Dogs also love spooky stuff, and Halloween is not the only time they can enjoy that. To make your dog look more realistic and scary, you should use brown dog face makeup instead of white.

10. Hair Dye (Orange)

It’s hard to pick a color for clown makeup for dogs — there are many options, each with its unique charm. But, if your dog is young and you want something a little more natural, orange is a good choice.


The reasons for applying dog face makeup are obvious. Owners achieve it for a variety of different reasons, such as:

To make their pets look festive when they go trick-or-treating on Halloween. To have fun with their pets at home. To scare people who come to visit their pet while they’re on vacation or just out trick-or-treating in general. To make their pets more expressive.

Apply dog face makeup for a good cause!