Eye Makeup For Big Eyes: 16 Best Tips

Eye Makeup For Big Eyes is a helpful article, especially for ladies blessed with big beautiful eyes.

Eye makeup for big eyes is not as hard to learn as you might think. For some reason, applying eye makeup has always been confusing for women.

They don’t know how to apply their eyeliners or shadows properly or what colours look good on them.

Eye Makeup For Big Eyes is often overwhelming and discouraging because many ladies give up and stop wearing eye makeup altogether, thinking it doesn’t look good on them.

Eye Makeup For Big Eyes
Eye Makeup For Big Eyes

If you’ve got big eyes, it’s probably best to avoid wearing too much eye makeup daily. A little bit of mascara goes a long way towards defining your lashes and making your eyes stand out.

But without proper eyeliner application techniques, big eyes will appear too doll-like or fake and not natural.

Eye Makeup For Big Eyes is important to find the right eye makeup to enhance your natural beauty. I’ll give you a few tips on what kind of eye makeup for big eyes is best and when to apply it.

If you have been blessed with big eyes but want to make them even bigger, read. I will share some awesome tips and tricks that will help you out today!

Eye Makeup For Big Eyes

When Eye Makeup For Big Eyes comes to eye makeup, many people think their eyes are too small, so they opt for a smoky eye or an eyeliner look.

However, if you have big eyes, you might find that these looks don’t work well with your features and make them stand out less than desired.

Instead of trying to cover up your beautiful peepers, try using bronze colours on the lid and blending it in towards the crease of your eye. Eye Makeup For Big Eyes will give off a sexy vibe without making your eyes appear smaller than they already are!

Your eyes are a focal point in your face and play a significant role in how you look. Eye Makeup For Big Eyes is why most women put so much time, money, and effort into perfecting their eye makeup techniques.

After all, if you have small or droopy eyes, Eye Makeup For Big Eyes will be very difficult for you to achieve that come hither look.

Eye Makeup For Big Eyes

Luckily for women blessed with naturally big eyes, they can take advantage of this awesome feature and get away with wearing the lowest quality products!

Eye Makeup For Big Eyes 16 best tips

Eye makeup for big eyes is a makeup technique that is easy to do.

If you have big eyes and want to highlight and define them more than they already are naturally, there is no need to worry anymore.

Here are the ten best tips on the issue to help you learn how to apply eye makeup for your big eyes.

1. If you have small eyes, the best eye shape for you is around eye shape. Eye Makeup For Big Eyes makes your eyes look bigger and more defined!

2. Add a deep brown shade to the bottom lash line to define them better and add colour to your eyes. For this reason, they will appear bigger than before!

3. To make the eyes frame your face better, use a soft dark brown eye shadow on the outer corners of your lower lash line.

4. Use eyeliner on the waterline to make your eyes appear larger. Eye Makeup For Big Eyes is especially effective if you have small or almond-shaped eyes. If you don’t want to wear eyeliner, but want the same effect, try using mascara on your lower lash line.

5. You can also make your eyes look bigger by using an eye shadow with a shimmer. This way, you will enhance their appearance.

6. If you wear eyeliner ( winged ), be sure to keep it thin and close to the upper lashes to keep your eyes from looking smaller.

7. If you want a more natural look, use a neutral eye shadow. Eye Makeup For Big Eyes will make your eyes look bigger and more defined.

8. In order not to completely cover the skin around the eyes, use a light brown or beige colour on the upper lids and blend it towards the centre of your eye.

9. Apply light colours ( like white or beige ) on upper lids and blend them into darker shades to widen your eyes.

10. If you’re not comfortable adding too much colour, go for natural colours close to your eyes’ natural colour.

11. Avoid wearing eyeliner on the inner rim of your eye. This will make your eyes appear smaller, and you’ll get a reverse effect! Do, however, apply eyeliner ( winged ) on the outer corner of your upper lash line to elongate and flatter them.

12. Using bright colours, close to the colour eyes on the upper lids and blend towards the centre of your cover.

13. For big eyes, use a dark colour along the upper lash line – this makes them stand out even more!

14. Another excellent tip for wide-set eyes is applying light eye shadow on your lower lash line to make your eyes look closer together.

Makeup For Big Eyes
Makeup For Big Eyes

15. Do not overdo your eye makeup! Avoid using many colours, and avoid cakey layers of heavy products.

16. Use neutral or natural colours on upper lids, blending them with lighter shades to make eyes appear more prominent.


The eye makeup for big eyes you should use will depend on your skin tone, hair colour, and style.

For example, if you have dark brown long lashes with a light complexion, mauve, or grey shadow would be perfect. If you are blonde with blue eyes, go for nude colours to make them pop!

The best eye makeup tips are to avoid using eyeliner or mascara on your bottom lash line if you have big eyes.

Instead, apply some bright lipstick for a pop of colour and use an eyebrow pencil with light-coloured powder shadow to fill in both eyebrows.

Try these beauty tips that will make your eyes look bigger!

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