Eye Makeup For Low Eyebrows: 6 Amazing Tutorial

Eye Makeup For Low Eyebrows can be a real problem for some girls.

While plucking your eyebrows to get a perfect arch can be good, over plucking and over threading to try and grow out the shape can make you look like you have no eyebrows or they are very thin.

When I started filling in my brows, I admitted that I got carried away and did not help them grow thicker. Now I am trying to be less heavy on them and let them grow back.

Eye Makeup For Low Eyebrows
Eye Makeup For Low Eyebrows

When it comes to eye makeup, the best way is to find a good eyebrow pencil/gel, eyeshadow, and liner, which will help you create the arch of your eyebrows and make brows look thicker and darker.

If you don’t know how to do that, you are in the right place. I have created a particular step-by-step tutorial for low brows, which almost anyone can imagine.

This makeup tutorial is also suitable for uneven, too thin eyebrows or when your brows are not visible enough.

However, these days we have amazing eyebrow products that fill in the brows and enhance them.

Today we’ll talk about eyebrow products and eye makeup for low eyebrows.

Eye Makeup For Low Eyebrows

Eye Makeup For Low Eyebrows, the best way to get the perfect arch is by using an eyebrow stencil.

Stencils are very easy to use. All you need to do is place them where you want your brows to be and fill in the empty spots with a makeup pencil or powder.

If you don’t have an eyebrow stencil, you can always use regular tape or just outline.

Before you start filling in your brows, it is important to clean them and get rid of the excess hair by using wax strips. Waxing helps get rid of any extra hair and will make the result look much neater.

Choosing the proper eyebrow powder color is also very important as it should be slightly darker than your brows.

Eye Makeup For Low Eyebrows

The best way to find out which shade you need is by trying different ones until you get the desired result.

6 Amazing Makeup Tutorial Eye Makeup For Low Eyebrows

Eye Makeup For Low Eyebrows is a trend that emerged recently and has become popular. Nowadays, girls are not afraid to show their natural beauty but rather enhance it with makeup and draw attention to their eyes.

It seems like such a simple thing, but using the right can change your whole look.

Well, let’s get started! These work very well if you’re in a hurry and like the look of bold natural brows.

1. The first step is using a brow pencil or powder that is slightly darker than your natural eyebrow color and drawing your eyebrows’ shape.

2. Using an angled brush, apply matte brown eyeshadow to fill in all the gaps and extend the lines where needed (the most common mistake made by girls with low brows is applying eyeshadow the same color as the hair makes them look even lower).

3. To give eyebrows some volume and make them appear fuller, use a matte black eyeshadow on your brush and apply it to the inner part of your eyebrow. You can also add some along the bottom to accentuate the arch area.

4. Now, you can start applying your mascara of choice. The most important thing here is to curl your eyelashes first, to look longer and fuller.

If you don’t own an eyelash curler, place a spoon into boiling water for about 20 seconds, then place the scoop handles on each lash for 5 seconds. This will help lashes stay curled for a more extended time.

5. If you want your eyebrows to appear more lush and full, use an eyebrow gel of the same color as your brows to make them look darker by filling in any empty spots or sparse areas.

A great trick is making a line along the bottom edge of your brows where they meet with your eyeshadow.

6. For the final step, you can use a highlighter pencil to highlight under your eyebrows and along the bottom edge of them where they meet with your face.

It will help create that arch appearance. You should also apply it underneath your brows to accentuate them.

This makeup tutorial for low brows is very easy and quick.

All you need to do is practice a few times, and the result will be amazing!

There are so many great eyebrow pencils, gels, and powders out there that it won’t be hard to find the right one for your eyebrows.


Eyebrow makeup is a tricky business. Getting the shape just right can be difficult, but it’s not impossible if you have some tips and tricks to guide your way.

We hope this article has helped you learn about different eyebrow shapes and styles and how they work with eye makeup for low eyebrows.

If we missed any of your favorite looks or questions, let us know in the comments!

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