Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask: 3 Amazing Sleep Mask

Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask is the answer to your prayers. Its innovative product will help you fall asleep in no time and wake up feeling refreshed. It’s designed to block out any light for your environment and give you a good night’s sleep! Read on for more information about this revolutionary product!

Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask
Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask

What is a faceplant sleep mask?

Faceplant is a sleep mask that blocks out light and helps you fall asleep. It’s designed to block any light from your environment and leave you with a good night of sleep.

How does it work?

The soft yet durable fabric of this product creates a sensory deprivation experience for your eyes. They can’t see anything in their environment, including any pesky lights or digital screens like cell phones that emit blue light.

It has been proven to help people relax and get more energy throughout their day as well! It’s guaranteed to give you some shut-eye time. We make our masks with triple-layer stitching on each side to prevent tears. So, rest assured, no matter how much tossing and turning. Your Faceplant will be there to provide some much-needed relief.

What are the benefits?

Faceplant doesn’t just help you fall asleep; it also wakes you up feeling refreshed! The mask is made out of ultra-soft memory foam that contours to fit your face perfectly. It features an adjustable Velcro strap for holding around your head. It won’t slip off while sleeping.

What are the benefits
What are the benefits

Faceplant will also reduce eye strain since it blocks out all light to give you more restful slumber time. This innovative product helps combat insomnia by blocking blue light emitted from electronics, disrupting our natural circadian rhythms resulting in trouble falling or staying asleep at night.

Is it reasonable to sleep with a sleep mask?

Sleeping with a sleep mask might seem like it would block all light. Make you feel claustrophobic. But that’s not the case. The primary purpose of sleeping masks is to keep out any unwanted light for our bodies to reach REM (rapid eye movement) or dream sleep cycle as quickly as possible. A lot of people prefer wearing one.

  • It blocks outside noise such as street traffic, barking dogs, alarms going off, etc., which can be distracting when trying to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night. You should also note that there are different types of sleep masks on the market.
  • Today including some that have cooling technology built-in. So, don’t overheat your head while you’re dozing off into dreamland.
  • The asleep mask can be worn to have a better night’s rest and reap REM or dream sleep cycle benefits without any unwanted distractions from outside light sources or sounds.
  • It may seem like you’re going blind at first, but in reality, there are tiny openings for both your ears and eyes. It doesn’t feel claustrophobic and breathable fabric ensures comfort throughout the night. At the same time, blocking out most light coming through those small gaps around your head.
  • Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask might not work if they are too tight on your face since this will make them hard to breathe through, defeating their purpose of allowing airflow with its breathable material design.

Do Weighted sleep masks work?

The weighted sleep masks work amazingly well. It comes to blocking out external light and noise for those looking for an additional security blanket or sensory input. A weighted cover is the best option to add to your routine!

Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask can be tightened up firmly around. Your head to block out more sound. You find yourself sensitive to outside noises like vehicles passing by on the street below at night, which might keep you from falling asleep until they’ve passed.

What makes these different than other sleeping masks?

These are unlike any other typical sleep masks. Their anti-light technology design blocks 99% of all incoming natural light sources without bothering others during bedtime hours with its large overhanging design.

What makes these different than other sleeping masks
What makes these different than other sleeping masks

Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask is available in a variety of colors and weights. The ones are shown here go from small. They weigh about one ounce for softness or medium, which weighs two ounces. You prefer more pressure on your head while sleeping.

Each order comes with an extra set of earplugs to block out any noise that might disturb you. Your sleep during nighttime hours without disturbing others. Who may be asleep at the same time as you!

The mask also includes a drawstring bag. It can store neatly after use when not needed again until another evening arrives. It makes perfect for travel if desired too!

What is the best eye mask for sleeping?

Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask is made for those who want to sleep tight! The material is soft and durable. Which means you can use your mask again and again.

A good eye mask should provide the right darkness level. It doesn’t disturb your natural sleep cycle. It also needs to be just the right size with enough padding around. Your head without being too snug or too loose on the face.

Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask comes in various colors, weights, and shapes, everything from small (which weighs about one ounce) up to extra-large (which weighs four ounces). It helps ensure that whether you prefer light pressure. Your head while sleeping or more heavy-duty. You’ll find what works best for you.

What is the most comfortable sleep mask?

As a side sleeper, I find it helps to have something light on the head. The Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask is comfortable for both sides and back sleepers. It has an adjustable strap attached around your head or neck, depending on which you prefer.

 It also has foam padding, so there’s plenty of room without being too tight against your face – just right! Plus, they come in different weights (between one ounce and four ounces), colors, shapes–anything from small to extra large ensures whether you like pressure. Your eyes while sleeping or not, you’ll find what works best for you!

Are our sleep masks bad for your skin?


Sleep masks are sinister for your skin if you’re wearing one all the time, especially with a reusable cover. It can irritate and dry out your skin. However, sleep masks help keep light from seeping through to prevent melatonin depletion. Why they’re perfect for nighttime use after extensive exposure to sunlight throughout the day!

What else makes this sleep mask perfect?

Since it blocks out 99% of light, you won’t ever worry about being woken up. The morning sun or your alarm clock when wearing Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask. Faceplant is also made with a unique blend that’s hypo-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin even if you have rosacea!

What else makes this sleep mask perfect
What else makes this sleep mask perfect

The Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask is perfect for every type of sleeper. Even though each mask comes in different sizes, there are still three options to choose from (lightweight, standard weight, and heavy). Not only do they come in different weights. Colors as well, so no matter what color scheme works. It is black or pink there will always be one available! It is the perfect sleep mask for those who like to have options.

And with Faceplant Let Me Sleep Masks’ built-in earplugs. You’ll be able to drift off without any sounds in your ears too! Faceplant let me sleep masks are just about as close to a peaceful night’s rest, You’re going to get–so don’t wait for another second and snag one now!

Can I use the sleeping mask as a moisturizer?


A sleeping mask is not designed to be used as a moisturizer. The asleep front covers the eyes and must remain dry to block out light during use effectively.

What if my Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask gets dirty?

Wash your Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask with water and mild dish soap or baby shampoo after each use. Rinse thoroughly and air-dry before subsequent use. Store in its protective pouch when you’re not using it. It keeps moisture from damaging the cotton fabric of the face cover (face masks can get wet when washed by hand). It would help if you only passed your Faceplate Let me Sleep Masks about every three months. Cleaning keeps them fresh!

Does sleeping on your side cause an uneven face?


 It’s not the sleeping position that causes an uneven face. Sleep positions vary from person to person and are usually a personal preference. Wearing your Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask on one side for an extended period can cause pressure points in the mask, leading to skin irritation or discomfort while lying prone.

Sleep masks are designed to be worn with minimal contact with your face so switching up sleep positions is best!

Can I use an overnight mask every day?


You can use the Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask every night if you want! If your skin feels sensitive or dry. We recommend using it less frequently

Are Sleeping masks bad for the eyes?


 Sleeping masks are designed to shield your eyes from all light, including the blue spectrum, which can inhibit melatonin production.

How do I choose a sleep mask?

The best way to see if a sleep mask will be comfortable for you is by using it! If the fabric feels too tight, try loosening it near your eyes if the breathability of the cover bothers you. You make sure that there are no wrinkles in front of your nose and mouth or use a different style. Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask can help reduce skin irritation from extended periods of wearing masks while prone and avoid pressure points.

How do I choose a sleep mask
How do I choose a sleep mask

 It’s also recommended to switch up sleeping positions when possible. They may cause discomfort as well. You can wear this overnight every night (if desired). Only do so with caution about allergies or sensitive skin on the face due to prolonged contact with fabric against the skin during daytime hours. Long-wear makeup may also be applied.

Do sleeping masks help dark circles?

A study conducted by the Japanese Society of Sleep Medicine found that wearing a sleeping mask at night can help reduce eye damage and dark circles. The research is still inconclusive. It’s worth mentioning if you are considering whether to purchase one for this purpose. Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask might offer relief from allergies or skin irritation when worn overnight every day (if desired).

Is it OK to sleep with a weighted eye mask?


Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask is safe to sleep. It’s advisable to use caution when wearing one overnight every night. It may cause allergic reactions or skin irritation if worn for prolonged periods daily without washing the fabric before each use.

Faceplant recommends that you switch up your sleeping positions whenever possible. They can also cause discomfort in the long-term, and should only wear this mask as needed for safety reasons (see health risks below). Otherwise, it’s OK to wear it while you’re asleep, depending on what works best for you!

Are our Sleep Masks comfortable?


Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask is designed with a soft, durable, and breathable fabric to ensure your comfort while you’re asleep. The Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask is perfect for those who have trouble sleeping and need complete darkness to do so. It blocks out light from anywhere, including your phone screen or alarm clock, without requiring any extra items! Just place this sleep mask on the bridge of your nose before going to bed—that’s it!

Are our Sleep Masks comfortable
Are our Sleep Masks comfortable

It will help you achieve better quality sleep which in turn helps with overall well-being. The fabric of our face masks is soft, breathable, and durable, ensuring that you’re comfortable at all times while wearing them. We also know how important a good night’s rest can be for people, so we provide that they won’t obstruct breathing by making sure there is no pressure around the neck area when worn properly–so go ahead and


The Faceplant Let Me Sleep Mask is a sleep mask designed to allow users to fall asleep in any position they want. It uses two adjustable Velcro straps and can fit most head sizes if you need a solution for sleeping on your back, side, or stomach. This product could be the answer! You may also like it if you’re an airline pilot who needs some extra rest during their break time while waiting for takeoff.

 Have you tried Faceplant? We would love to hear about your experience with our newest innovation in wearable technology! What are your thoughts on how we made use of cognitive neuroscience principles to create this beauty? Do you have any other questions about why we believe these strategies will help people get more quality sleep?

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