Girls with a lot of makeup: Amazing 20 Tips

Girls with a lot of makeup are not attractive. It is what you may have heard from your grandparents and other people in your life.

Girls who wear too much makeup are trying to hide their true selves, and they’re not confident enough to show themselves without the help of cosmetics.

Girls with a lot of makeup on think that they need it to be beautiful, but this is not the case!

Girls With A Lot Of Makeup
Girls With A Lot Of Makeup

Girls always want their skin tone at its fairest, so foundation is necessary when wearing makeup. Girls who wear too much makeup are trying to cover up their true selves. Girls with a lot of makeup on should only use just enough.

When you walk into a room, the first thing you notice is the people and what they’re wearing. It makes their features stand out more.

Girls With A Lot Of Makeup

Girls with a lot of cosmetics are trying to hide some aspect of themselves forever. Girls who wear just enough makeup and feel confident in their appearance will come off as more attractive.

It doesn’t look like onto their face. Girls want their skin tone. It’s fairest, which is why the foundation is necessary when wearing any makeup. Girls who wear too much makeup are trying to cover up their true selves.

Girls With A Lot Of Makeup

Girls with many makeups tend to look like clowns because they’ve put so many layers over their faces. Girls should use just enough makeup to them feel comfortable around others and about themselves.

20 Tips For Girls With A lot Of makeup

Girls who wear a lot of makeup number in the masses, But they aren’t alone! We’ve found some tips for girls with a lot of makeup that will help everyone, regardless of their tastes or needs. Take a look at these twenty tips to see if anything strikes you as interesting or useful!

1) Wear A Good Moisturizer

If you want to wear a lot of makeup, your face must be well moisturized before anything else. This will help the makeup go on smoothly and last longer.

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Wear A Good Moisturizer

It’ll even help your skin stay better hydrated! You can also try using an oil-free moisturizer if you don’t like the greasy feel of some moisturizers.

2) Use primer

Primer is a product you put on your face before applying any other makeup, including foundation. It smooths out the skin and gives it a nice matte texture that works well with foundation.

Plus, if you let it dry before applying foundation, primer acts as a barrier between the foundation and the skin, meaning the foundation will last longer! There are many different kinds of primers on the market.

Some have a color tint to them, but most are clear. Check out our primer guide for more info on what type you should use!

3) Use A Good Base

Foundation provides an even coat of color that’s a little more opaque than concealer. It can also even out skin tone, mask acne, and reduce redness. Some are thick while others are runny, but all are used to create an even surface rest of your makeup application.

Once you’ve applied primer, use a foundation brush or your fingers to apply a thin layer to your entire face. Try to use your fingers to blend it in since using a meeting can lead to streaking – especially if you’re using a liquid foundation.

If you haven’t applied primer, or if it’s been several hours since application, start with concealer instead of foundation.

5) Add Blush To Your Cheeks

After applying foundation, use a powder blush to add color and dimension to your cheeks. You can also run a stippling brush along with the pan of the blush for a sheerer, naturally flushed look.

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Add Blush To Your Cheeks

Some of Kate’s favorite blushes: NARS “Orgasm”, NARS “Torrid”, Clinique “Merry Matte” Blush

6) Add Blusher To Your Lips

You were using a lip pencil that matches your lipstick, line lips. You can then fill in the entire lip or use a q-tip/cotton ball to remove some of the colors from the center of the lips.

Finish with a clear gloss for shine. Kate’s favorite lip product is Clarin’s “Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector”.

7) Line Your Eye

Using a liquid eyeliner, line the base of your upper lash line. Start by making a thin line that extends from the inner corner of your eye to just past the outer corner.

Angle the brush at about 45 degrees to get this thin line. Feel free to repeat this step on both your top and bottom lash line if you want thicker lines.

8) Curl Your Lashes

If you have naturally curly lashes, skip this step. However, most people’s lashes are straight or have a slight curl to them. This is why curling your lashes before applying mascara gives your eyes the lift they need to make them pop.

9) Apply Two Coats of Mascara

Start with your lower lash line, applying your mascara starting at the base of the lashes. Wiggle the wand to separate each lash and pull up to get that long lash look.

10) Add Brows

Line the base of your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil that matches your hair color. Use short, light strokes to fill in any sparse areas.

11) Highlight Your Cheeks

Blush is the finishing touch for any makeup look and gives your face a healthy glow. For an everyday look, lightly sweep a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks, moving upwards towards your temples. You can also add a hint of highlighter on your cheekbones for a pop of light.

12) Add Lips

For a natural look, choose a shade close to your natural lip color or one shade brighter.

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Add Lips

Apply the color from the center of the lips outwards and blot with a tissue between applications.

Finish off with a swipe of translucent powder to set the color and a clear or nude gloss coat.

13) Keep Your Eyes Open

After applying your eye makeup, press down on the lids to flatten out any bumps. You can also swipe some translucent powder under the eyes to remove any oil that may have seeped through during application.

Apply mascara before your liner so you’ll have more control over your lines. For a more dramatic look, do both eyeliner and mascara.

14) Apply Liner And Mascara Before Shadow

This way, you will have better control of your liner and can easily smudge out any mistakes with the tip of your finger.

Always curl lashes before applying mascara to avoid breakage from forming. You can then apply a second coat of mascara to separate lashes and add extra volume without clumping them together.

15) Top It Off

To make your eyes stand out even more, apply a thin strip of black gel liner [or use the marker-like tip on an eye shadow pen], lightly smudge it with your finger, and then top it off with a coat of black mascara. The liner will add depth to the eye and create definition, while the mascara will set the look in place.

16) Apply Liner On Your Lower Lash Line

Great for a party or special occasion. To do this, you’ll need a thin makeup application brush with a pointed tip.

Dip the brush into a pot of black gel liner and apply lashes close to the roots. Then use your ring finger or mascara wand to blend outwards.

17) Curl Your Lashes First

Place lash curler near the base of lashes squeezes gently, hold for 1-2 seconds & release slowly. Repeat at the bottom, the middle, and the tip of lashes for a curl that stays put all day.

18) Apply Mascara On Top And Bottom Lashes

Start with your bottom lashes first. Hold the brush horizontally with the tips facing up and wiggle it into an upward motion as you move upwards on your lash line. Curl your top lashes and follow the same steps.

19) Stop Wasting Mascara

When you pull out a bristle brush, use one of the bristles to separate your lashes (the smaller, the better!), then proceed with application like normal. You can also use a pencil or liner brush for this task!

20) Apply Mascara In One Swipe

Load up your brush and swipe it from the base of lashes to the tips in one quick motion for a clean application.

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Apply Mascara In One Swipe

Repeat as necessary, or you can also work in two or three separate layers if desired.


Girls with a lot of makeup are the norm. The majority of girls wear some form or another of makeup.

It’s not uncommon for people to spend hours in front of their mirror, trying on different clothes and getting ready for school or work.

And while it seems like there are millions of more tutorials out there than ever before about how to do your own makeup. We’re all still looking for that perfect new look. 

This article has by experts who have worked extensively in the industry and know what they’re doing when making someone feel good about themselves – no matter how much time you’ve got left this morning.

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