Japanese Eye Makeup: Amazing 10 Eye Makeup

Japanese eye makeup looks can be pretty extreme. They typically use much more colour than Western makeup trends, and the faces are often much more dramatic.

Japanese girls use a lot of bright colours, even on their everyday makeup. They show off bright purple eyeliner and orange eyeshadow as quickly as they do neutrals like browns and greys.

They love glittery things like sparkly pastel shadows and lashes with shiny foil adhesives for extra glamour.

They mostly use normal black eyeliner and mascara, though even on their more natural looks – they don’t tend to rock the coloured liners or false lashes all that often.

Japanese Eye Makeup
Japanese Eye Makeup

They also really love pearlescent shimmer colours like lavender for eyeshadow base, light pink-toned eye shadows, and glitters. 

Japanese eye makeup

Japanese eye makeup is a mixture of traditional and modern.

Kabuki theatre-style makeup styles greatly influence their makeup looks, which is why they use lots of colour and details like shimmer all over their lids.

But at the same time, Japanese girls are also influenced by Western-style eye looks, so you’ll see some very unusual colours more often than not.

The Japanese style draws inspiration from traditional kabuki theatre makeup but has mixed techniques like Gothic Lolitas to create unique and popular trends.

Japanese eye makeup

The looks Japanese girls wear are generally more colourful and extreme than the Western styles. Think bright colours, thick lines, false lashes, and a lot of sparkles!

10 Favorite Japanese eye makeup look

Japanese girls also love to mix colours. They’ll use a bright pink eyeshadow base and top.

It with a lavender purple colour to make the shade they want. They also sometimes use contrasting colours like reds next to blues.

These are called ombré looks, which are very popular in Japan too.

So today, I will show you 10 of my favourite Japanese eye makeup looks. Some are very extreme, and some are more subtle.

But they look super pretty and cute! I hope you like it and don’t forget to tell me which one is your favourite!!

1) Blue and purple ombré eyeshadow look

This look is done by blending blue and purple shadows all over the lids. The shades are very bright but mixed. They create a beautiful ombré shade that’s perfect for spring!

2) Green glitter eyeshadow look

I love this green glitter eyeliner with a light pink eyeshadow base!! It looks super shiny and cute, and I can’t get enough of it!

3) White and pink ombré eyeliner look

The white and pink ombré on the top lash line is super pretty and girly! The rest of the makeup is kept simple, which makes this look extra lovely. I love pastel colours together like this.

4) Shiny silver and purple eyeshadow look

This is a super gorgeous and sparkly grey, and purple eyeshadow look. I love how shiny it looks!!

5) Green glitter eyeliner look

This one is very similar to the first green glitter eyeliner, but we have an ombré shadow instead of a light pink eyeshadow base. I like it both ways, but I think they look very different because of the difference in shadows.

6) Lavender with purple ombré eyeshadow look

I love how simple and pretty this one is! The lavender shade with purple ombré looks gorgeous on its own or blended all over the lids.

7) Red and black ombré eyeliner look

This one is a more extreme example of Japanese-style eye makeup! The red and black ombré on the top lash line makes this look unique and extra special. I love it!!

8) Silver and blue glitter eyeshadow look

I like this blue and silver glitter eyeshadow look! It can be an excellent idea for a more casual makeup look, but it’s also perfect for a special occasion if you want to go all out with the sparkles.

9) Red and pink ombré eyeliner look

I love how bright red and pink ombré looks on the lash line! This way of doing ombré is one of my favourite things about Japanese-style eye makeup.

10) Blue and purple glitter eyeshadow look

It’s another blue and purple glitter eyeshadow look, but we don’t have an ombré shadow this time. I love these colours together and the way they look sparkling on the lids.

Well, there you go! Those were my ten favourite Japanese eye makeup looks, and I hope you like them too!!

Blue and purple glitter eyeshadow look
Blue and purple glitter eyeshadow look

If you want to recreate these looks or see how it’s done, check out the video above, and don’t forget to tell me which one is your fave in the comments!


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