Korean girls look the same: Best 10 Secret Techniques

Korean girls look the same In Korean culture, wearing makeup is not important Korean girls look the same without it.

We all know Korean girls look the same, but Korean boys are just as bad. Korean girls are gorgeous.

Their faces often have flawless skin that does not need to with heavy layers of foundation or concealer.

Korean Girls Look The Same
Korean Girls Look The Same

Korean girls also do not wear a lot of mascara because they have naturally long lashes.

Korean girls look the same because they are using a ton of very light and natural makeup. The brand Etude House has been around since 1975 and has made many products that have helped Korean girls only need a little bit of makeup.

But with it being so lightweight, it looks like they’re wearing lots. Korean girls look the same will explain why Korean girls all look alike in pictures even though they use different types of makeup!

Korean girls look the same

Korean girls look the same because they all look like this (with plastic surgery).

Their eyes, noses, Lips are the same. Even their breast size is the same.

Korean Girls Look The Same

Korean girls have small slanty eyes, so they get double eyelid surgery.

I know this will upset many people, but it makes me laugh when I see comments saying that Koreans all look the same.

They want to look white, so they get nose jobs and lip fillers.

Korean girls look the same ten secret techniques

All these comments about how Korean girls all look the same. It makes me laugh because it’s so true! Korean girls look at the same ten secret techniques.

1. Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery would be easy access to it. It’s just that they all want the same look, which is the westernized look because white people are seen as beautiful in Korea.

What is the difference between Korean girls
Plastic Surgery

They also do plastic surgery to take away their ethnic features, so they don’t stand out among the rest of the Korean population (the reason you see many half/half Koreans).

2. Double Eyelid Surgery

Koreans also have a lot of double eyelid surgery so that their eyes look bigger and, thereby, more Westernized. Korean girls have small slanty eyes, so they get double eyelid surgery.

3. Getting Cheekbones

Getting cheekbones is easy in Korea because of how much kimchi they eat. It causes them to have a lot of pockmarks on their cheeks, making it easier for them to sculpt out cheekbones later on through plastic surgery.

4. Eye Bag Removal

Eye bags are also common among Koreans, so they get eye bag removal surgery.

5. Chin Shaving

Also, most Korean men have weak chins, hence the double chin that guys tend to get after a certain age. They shave off their double chins with plastic surgery to give them better looks during their younger years.

6. Jaw Reduction

Jaw reduction is also another joint surgery among Koreans. It’s because they have naturally square jaws, so they get the corners shaved off to give them a more pointed look.

7. V-line surgery

V-line surgery makes their face look like an inverted triangle, giving the illusion of having high cheekbones and a smaller chin.

8. Collagen Injection

Koreans also inject collagen into their lips to make them look fuller and poutier (i think this is the right word).

Why do all Korean pop stars look the same
Collagen Injection

If you ever watch Korean variety shows, they do many close-up shots so people can see what they look like, and all those variety show stars have super pouty lips because of collagen injections.

9. Fat Burning

Asians, in general, tend to carry fat around their stomach and the lower half of their body (aka roll). They do fat burning surgery to take away that part of them and slim down their legs and arms to give them that gals look.

10. Breast Implants

Last but not least, Koreans also do boob jobs (breast implants) to make their boobs bigger (and therefore make them look like white girls). I hope this post explains why Koreans all look the same!

It’s because they’re trying to be whiter, and it’s easier for everyone if they all look the same.

11. Nose Job

Many Koreans get nose jobs because it gives them a sharp V-shape which is considered beautiful in Korea. Also, for some reason, everyone wants to take off the hump on their nose, so they get rid.

Why is beauty so important in Korea?

Korea is a country that has been known for its beauty standards. It’s not uncommon to see people walking around with their makeup on, even when they are just running errands.

 Ever since the Korean Wave, or Hallyu, began in the 1990s, Korea has become more popular among other Asian countries and Western nations like America.

Makeup is so crucial in Korea can be seen through how much money Koreans spend on cosmetics every year: $13 billion!

Why is beauty so important in Korea
Why is beauty so important in Korea?

Korean girls will explore why this trend continues to grow and what it means for Koreans today.


Korean girls look the same resurfaced again in 2009 when discussions online about how white actresses should play Mulan from Disney’s animated film Mulan.

In 2010, China’s Ministry of Education listed “Korea Girl” as one of its national stereotypes for Chinese students.

There are many similarities in their facial features, and they can be mistaken for one another easily if not careful.

Their long-term hairstyles stick to a few general styles that tend to include bangs or side-swept fringe.

The most common colour is black, with some brunettes mixed in, but there are also just as many blondes.

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