Leopard Face Makeup: Amazing 5 Ideas

Leopard face makeup is an interesting concept that is not new. It is widespread in the western world. Leopard face makeup is usually seen at Halloween looking like a realistic leopard and at other times as an artistic, creative idea.

The craze was popularized in the 70s and 80s, with makeup artists using liquid latex to create a leopard skin pattern on their faces. The liquid latex provided a realistic dark leopard skin texture. Leopard face makeup can also be done on your body.

Glitter is usually added to the makeup design to make it sparkle and catch anyone’s eye. Leopard face makeup has gained popularity with women, who often use it as a form of entertainment and art.

How to make Leopard face makeup?

You can purchase an application kit that contains everything you need to do your makeup. You only need it for a few days. Then, you will have to wait for the markings to fade, as the glue will likely do that. This kit is relatively cheap, although it may contain many chemicals. The adhesive is usually used, so the makeup lasts longer.

Ned of Product For Leopard face makeup:

  • Liquid latex
  • Glitter
  • Lipstick
  • Foundation
  • Various colors of eyeshadow (light colors to dark colors)
Leopard Face Makeup
Leopard Face Makeup

Black eyeliner pencil/black eyeshadow applied with a brush. It depends on what you feel looks best on you.

Any black or gray colored eyeliner pencil will work. The best fluid lines will be made with liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner because these are the only products that glide smoothly and create a nice line.

Butterfly wing (optional)

Various forms of fake blood


1. Apply liquid latex to your face (check the application instructions, then apply evenly. Let it dry.

2. Using a fine brush and black eyeshadow, paint a leopard-skin pattern all over your face, just below the eyebrows, then up between your eyes and out at the temples, down toward your chin, making sure to keep within the natural boundaries of where you would have whiskers.

3. Apply glitter to the area where your eyes normally would be and all along your lips.

4. Draw one thick line down your upper lip or cheekbone that connects with the leopard-skin pattern.

5. With black eyeshadow, draw two thin lines under the leopard-skin pattern down to the bottom of your nose.

Leopard Face Makeup

6. Apply a thin line of black eyeliner to the outer edges of your eyes and over each cheekbone (it can be somewhat messy at this point).

7. Apply glitter over the area where your eyes normally would be.

8. Using a brush, apply light (you can use any color) eyeshadow to the outer edges of your eyes.

Amazing 5 Ideas for Leopard face makeup

Here are 5 amazing ideas for leopard face makeup that will make you the center of attention.

1. Little Leopard

You can create a mix of glitter and black eyeshadow to give the look of a little leopard all over your face. You can add a small butterfly wing on the left side of your hairline, or on the right side, depending on which looks best.

2. Big Leopard

Work with liquid eyeliner and black eyeshadow to create a big leopard that can cover your face from head to toe. This look is best suited for a night out when you want to stand out from the crowd.

3. Faux Leopard

You can achieve the look of a leopard face makeup by applying gold eyeshadows on the lids, green eyeshadow under the brows, dark-colored eyeliner pencils under the eyes, and then add glitter on top of it all.

4. Leopard body tattoos

You can get leopard tattoos all over your body. This is a great way to cover your skin and give the look of a leopard while keeping it subtle at the same time.

5. Leopard with Pasties

This is a great look to wear if you’re attending a somewhat formal event. You can put on pasties with a leopard pattern to add an edgy touch to your look, or you could use glitter instead to keep it classy and attractive.

Leopard makeup for Girl

This is an old method of wearing leopard makeup to attract someone. Please do not go near your boy’s friends. They will have their eyes on you. It helps in relationships also.

But this is just for fun and entertainment only. Leopard face makeup is not to be taken seriously and should only be used as an art technique. Remember, don’t get it too close to the eyes as it can irritate, especially if you use glittery makeup or eyeliner for the look.

Running a blog is an incredibly difficult business. The amount of effort involved in keeping up with it daily, month after month, is immense. I have found it to be a huge drain on my physical and mental resources.

Leopard Face Paint Stencil

This is a little bit of fun that can be done in a fun way. The following instructions have you drawing the patterns on your face (using liquid latex, of course) with a brush, which seems unusual.

The stencils are good for only one night as the glue is sticky and will make you look like you had makeup on for half the day. You can purchase this stencil at Levis or any other store that sells makeup.

Leopard face paint child

Makeup artists have always had fun with leopard face paint. A long time ago, they used liquid latex and applied it to the face as a form of entertainment. Leopard face paint is not only for women but also for children.

Makeup for leopard print outfit

Since this is not a real animal, you can create a leopard print on your body without worrying about getting hurt. You can use temporary tattoos to create the look of a leopard face. This is temporary and will go off after some time, just as any other form of a skin-made tattoo. You will have to use a layer of vinyl or latex to apply it.


Leopard face paint is a great way to look good and feel confident with your body. It’s all about how you portray yourself and how confident you are. For those who haven’t tried it, I recommend trying it once just for fun. The fun of experimenting has never died.

You may not always get a chance to perform on stage, but body makeup is something that you can do anytime. Remember to use suitable products and be very careful while applying them.

This article helps you with how to apply makeup for body painting. I hope you enjoy it. Please write down in the comment if you like this article, and also, please check my other articles.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy.