Makeup to match the red dress: Best 22 Things

Makeup to match the red dress, I am a massive fan of red dresses. I have this one that I love. I’ve been wearing it to all of my events lately!

Makeup is the final step in completing your look for any occasion. You’re like me, and you want to make sure your makeup matches your dress. These are some excellent makeup tips for matching red dresses.

Makeup To Match The Red Dress
Makeup To Match The Red Dress

Makeup To Match The Red Dress Medium Skin Tone-toned ladies can wear just about anything they want.

You can go from sheer coverage (like BB Cream) up to full coverage foundation, depending on how much time you have before the event.

Makeup To Match The Red Dress

Makeup To Match The Red Dress for dark hair should be matte, with a little bit of shimmer. I like to pop some brown eyeliner on my lower lash line and apply mascara.

For lip color, I used Clinique Lipstick in Chunky Cherry to give it that extra punch. Use matte foundation or BB cream with brown eyeliner on the lower lash line and mascara.

Makeup To Match The Red Dress

For fair-skinned ladies, Use liquid or cream foundation because it will give your skin a natural glow. Make sure to add some bronzer, so you don’t look like Casper, the friendly ghost.

The 22 Best Things About Makeup To Match The Red Dress

The 22 Best Thing About Makeup To Match The Red Dress. Red is a color with so many meanings and emotions, depending on what shade is chosen.

It’s a color that is often associated with seduction, passion, even anger – especially when it comes to red lipstick – but then there are a lot of shades out there, too.

A red dress is, of course, synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but even if you’re not feeling particularly romantic this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t look the part.

1. Nude lips

Nude is the operative word, not beige or brown or pink because that’s just wrong against a red dress.

Makeup For Red Dress Medium Skin Tone
Nude lips

Choose a shade that is identical to your natural lip color so you don’t transfer it onto anything and everything you drink, eat and kiss.

2. Red Lipstick

If you want to get heads turning this Wednesday, there’s no better way than by slapping on some red lipstick! It doesn’t matter if your dress is long-sleeved or short. You can create a striking look with one quick stroke!

3. Glitter Eyeliner

Lining the eyes in glitter brings attention to them while creating a subtle balance for any bold lip color on the lips. For an even bolder finish, use black liquid liner.

4. Eye Shadow

Odds are, you already own a red eyeshadow! If not, there’s no need to stress; try using burgundy or orange instead. They’re very on-trend for the spring season, and they also look amazing with any shade of red on your lips.

5. False Eyelashes

I think false eyelashes bring a look together, but red eye shadow and red lips might be too much for those who prefer the natural look. False lashes are a fabulous way to bring out your eyes without going overboard.

6. Highlighter

Highlighting your cheekbones is a foolproof way of drawing attention to them – especially if they’re on display in a low-cut dress.

7. Bronzer

Bronzer and highlighter can be used interchangeably, so you could use both if you wanted to.

Makeup For Red Dress Black Girl

However, I prefer using bronzer shades because it creates a warmer look than just highlighting would.

8. A Bunch Of Red Lipsticks

The more, the merrier! I’m not suggesting that you purchase a bunch of lipsticks, but if you happen to have a few red shades lying around from various brands, then go for it.

You can even mix and match different finishes to get the perfect blend. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

9. A Good Peel

If you’re looking for ways to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, I recommend trying an excellent chemical peel in your local spa.

10. Foundation w/ SPF

It doesn’t matter what products you’re applying to your face. If you don’t protect it from the sun, all of your hard work will go down the drain in just a few years.

11. Coconut Oil

Use coconut oil as a moisturizer – especially if you have very dry skin. It’s easy to find, and everyone knows the benefits of it, so I won’t waste your time describing them here!

12. Concealer

Concealer is one of those magical products that can save even the most disastrous makeup looks – but you usually need to wait for it to set before you can apply your foundation.

13. Brow Definer

If you’re wearing false eyelashes, then this is a no-brainer; using an eyebrow pencil along your lash line will keep the falsies securely fastened to your natural brows! Just make sure that the shade of the liner matches your hair color.

14. Illuminating Face Primer

This is another item that isn’t necessary, but you’ll love the results if you do decide to add it to your makeup bag!

Red Dress Makeup Tutorial
Illuminating Face Primer

Inexpensive and high-quality face primers can help keep your makeup from fading or smudging throughout the night.

15. Bronzer/Blush

This is another must-have product because it adds balance to your face – especially if you’re wearing very bright lip color.

To avoid looking like you belong in Grease, I recommend not going overboard and only applying a small amount to the apples of your cheeks and the tip of your nose.

16. Matte Lipstick

When it comes to matte lipsticks, you want to ensure that your lips are exfoliated and moisturized beforehand. Otherwise, they’ll look ashy and cracked throughout the night!

17. Waterproof Mascara

It’s a no-brainer that waterproof mascara is necessary for those who plan on weeping their eyes out during the ballad of the prom king and queen.

I would also suggest bringing it along on any other occasions. It’s great for extending your makeup look!

18. Emergency Makeup Remover

If you’re the kind of person whose makeup typically lasts all day, then I would suggest just bringing along some face wash to clean up after the dance.

What Makeup Looks Good With A Red Dress
Emergency Makeup Remover

However, if you’re an impulsive one like me who tends to touch her face a lot throughout the night, then having some makeup remover with you is necessary.

19. Highlight Powder

Highlight powder is an excellent way of adding a touch of glamour to your face during prom night.

However, I would also recommend using it sparingly and only on specific areas where light naturally hits the face – the bridge of your nose, forehead, chin, and cheekbones. Just make sure that it complements your makeup look as a whole!

20. Concealer Palette

This is a beautiful item to have if you’re looking for a way to cut down the amount of makeup you need to bring along. It’s always helpful when you need to touch up your makeup at any point during prom night!

21. Mascara Primer

In my opinion, mascara primer should be used if you have a problem with clumpy mascara – which is pretty much everyone who isn’t Kim Kardashian!

Before applying your mascara, a quick coat of primer on your lashes will help keep the formula from getting too dry and flaky.

22. Metallic Eyeliner

Try using metallic eyeliner as an alternative to eyeshadow if you’re looking for a quick way to glam up your face for prom night.

What Colors Go With A Red Dress
Metallic Eyeliner

It’s so easy to apply, and you’ll love the classic yet edgy look that results!


The best way to avoid looking like a clown is by wearing makeup that matches your dress.

For example, if you’re wearing red lipstick and nail polish, then opt for gold eyeshadow or bronzey bronzing powder instead of shimmering pink beige tones, contrasting with your face and hair too much!

Conversely, those who are going with more pastel shades can easily throw in some purple eye shadow on top of their lids as well.

You do not want the focus to be solely on your headpiece because it’s what everyone else at the party will also have on.

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