Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover Mites: Amazing Eye Makeup Remover (13 Tips)

Mary kay eye makeup remover mites are tiny little creatures that live in your eyelashes. These mites can cause severe problems for people suffering from allergies, asthma, or other conditions related to breathing. But they also have an upside!

They help keep our eyes moist and hydrated by feeding on the oils that coat our tears. The post discusses how these mites may be helpful in medical research into the treatment of eye diseases like dry eye syndrome and wet age-related macular degeneration and how no one knows.

Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover Mites
Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover Mites

Their lives are happy or not because they’re too small to study what emotions they have. I’m going, be honest. I had never heard of these little guys before reading this article. But apparently, they are a thing, and they might be ruining your eye makeup remover!

Luckily the article explains how to avoid them and save your eyeshadow from being destroyed!  The author has a lot of excellent advice on what you should do if you start noticing small bugs in your eye makeup remover.

“If you notice any bug crawling around in there, throw it out immediately. Get yourself another bottle from the store or make sure that one is tightly closed at all times when not in use.”

Mary kay eye makeup remover mites

As we all know, Mary Kay eye makeup remover is a must-have for any woman’s skincare routine.

But did you know that there are mites in it? That’s right! Scientists have found tiny creatures living inside the popular eye makeup remover.

These little guys seem to be immune to the ingredients of Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover and can survive for days after being submerged in the solution.

So next time you take off your mascara, consider giving yourself a quick rinse with some soap or hand sanitiser first.

It’s not just your skin that needs to be cleansed at the end of a long day. Your makeup must also be removed. And if you’re using an eye makeup remover with mites in it, then you may want to reconsider.

Mary kay eye makeup remover mites

This blog post will discuss why and how these creatures can become part of your beauty regimen.

1. What Are Mites?

Mites are tiny arachnids that live in many places and can be found in and out of homes. They like to feed on the oils and cells of your skin and hair, which is why they often find themselves around your eyes.

In cases where you have been wearing makeup for an extended amount of time, the mites may feed on oil and old cells, which can irritate your skin.

2. What Are The Symptoms?

When you use Mary Kay’s eye makeup remover, it is not uncommon for some of these mites to end up in your eyes, where they will feed on your tears and irritate your cornea.  This can cause symptoms such as redness, itching, and burning sensations around your eyes.

3. Pics of Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover Mites

A recent post on Makeup Alley has uncovered something quite unpleasant about Mary Kay’s Eye Makeup Remover. 

One user recounted an experience she had while using the product, stating that “I left it [the makeup remover] on for a few minutes before I removed it with a tissue. My eye was burning.” After further inspection, she found that her skin was red and irritated. “I looked in the mirror to find tiny black/brown bugs roughly 1mm crawling out of my eye!”

While this may seem like a one-off case, it appears to be an ongoing problem for many users who have commented on the thread.  One user has stated that she has experienced the same thing, while the other claims, “I found these little bugs in my eye make up remover too!”.

She continued to explain further how they got there:  “They were buried deep down in the bottle, and I would never have noticed them if I didn’t drop it.”

4. What To Do If You Have Been Affected By Mites?

If you have been affected by mites in Mary Kay’s Eye Makeup Remover, then take a look at the company’s warning on its Facebook page.  They ask customers to contact them and send a private message with further details about their experience.

5. How To Avoid Getting Mites In Your Makeup?

If you are concerned that the makeup you are using is infested with mites, then why not go for an alternative?  

How To Avoid Getting Mites In Your Makeup
How To Avoid Getting Mites In Your Makeup

There are many great makeup brands out there who don’t use these tiny creatures in their products, so why not give them a try?  Avoid using products that have been open for a long time, and always do a patch test before using any new makeup.

6. Side effect of Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover Mites

Mary kay eye makeup remover mites can irritate your eye, and it can cause itching, redness, and burning sensation around your eyes.

7. How to Use Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover

A wet cotton ball with water then dries it out before putting some on it.

8. What is Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover?

Mary kay eye makeup remover is made of oil, and it helps to clean up all the makeup that you put on your face, like foundation, blush, etc.

9. Is Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover Safe?


Mary kay eye makeup remover is safe to use but make sure you use a good amount of it and don’t put too much.

10. How To Make Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover At Home?

You can buy aloe vera gel from the market and mix them with water before straining it. After that, you can add in some oil to be.

11. Why is Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover Bad for You Eyes?

Mary kay eye makeup remover can make your eyes irritate because it has oil in the ingredients.

12. What Cause The Redness Around Your Eyes?

The redness around your eyes causes by it because it has oil in them.

13. How to Get Rid of The Mites In Your Makeup?

Wash your face with a clean towel and get rid of all the makeup you put on your face, from mary kay eye makeup remover to your blush, etc., using a q-tip.


Mary kay eye makeup remover mites are good for the skin. There are many benefits that you can get from them.

Mites are small organisms that usually eat dead skin cells, so they are used to remove makeup. They are also helpful in removing dust and dirt particles on the face, keeping it clear for an even facial tone.

They do not harm or irritate your eyes, compared to other products used to remove eye makeup.

This is because the hands of a skincare expert usually tame them. They are unaware of its dangers to the skin, so animal testing is not required before using them on human skin.

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