Men wearing makeup before and after: Best 17 Ideas

Men Wearing makeup before and after is not something that people often consider.  Men Wearing makeup before and after taking care of their skin like women have been doing for years.

Men are becoming more confident in expressing themselves with cosmetics and experimenting with different looks. Men wear makeup to cover flaws, be creative.

Men Wearing Makeup Before And After
Men Wearing Makeup Before And After

They want to feel good about themselves. In this blog post, we will explore the best tips on applying makeup as a guy who wears it so you can look your best! 

Men Wearing Makeup Before And After

Men Wearing makeup before and after below will give you some information about how men can use cosmetics and what they should avoid doing.

A few years ago, the idea of a man wearing makeup would be unheard of it. But now, men are taking it upon themselves to wear makeup in order to make their skin look more moisturized and reduce wrinkles. Men have been using different forms of concealer faces for decades.

It also includes an interview with a male model who discusses his experience with makeup not just for himself but for other males too.

Men Wearing Makeup Before And After

He has learned that there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable when applying your makeup because there are plenty of techniques that allow you to put on foundation without looking like someone else!

There may also be an emotional benefit from wearing makeup and depending on how you feel about yourself when you put on your favourite lipstick colour.

Men wearing makeup before and after Best 17 Ideas

Many ideas inspired men to wear makeup before and after. The best 17 ideas are below:

1. The need for good skincare:

Men are wearing makeup before and after needing to have good skin care. The best makeup artist mentioned them.

2. Men caring concealer:

The skin tone of men is often more intense than women, which makes concealing even more critical.

3. The use of lip balm:

The use of lip balm to moisturize the lip. Especially for men who have a habit of drinking an alcoholic beverage.

4. The use of eyeliner:

The right amount is applied only on the lower lash line because it makes a man appear more awake and younger.

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The use of eyeliner

Older men should not use eyeliner above their eyes. This will make them look more feminine.

5. The use of mascara:

Careful not to over-use the mascara; avoid looking like a spider or will make men look ridiculous.

6. Men wearing eye shadow:

The colour of eye shadow is usually brown, grey and bronze, which are neutral colours that compliment all skin tones. Eyeshadow should be used only on the lids, not above or below.

7. The use of blush:

Just a touch of colour should be applied to the cheekbones with a cream, powder or gel formula in matte finish. Avoid using pink shades because it will make men look more feminine.

8. The use of foundation:

The foundation should be applied fingertips to blend the product into the skin, starting in the centre of the face and working out.

Avoid over-applying foundation because it will not only look cakey, but men might feel uncomfortable wearing it.

9. The use of highlighter:

Apply shimmery highlighter to areas on the face that light naturally reflects: cheekbones, brow bone, chin and bridge of the nose.

Men makeup before and after
The use of highlighter

The highlighter should not be used above the eyebrows as it will make men look like women.

10. The use of bronzer:

Bronzers are great for adding warmth to the face because they’ll complement a healthy skin tone and give a man a sun-kissed glow.

It should be applied to the forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones. Avoid applying it above or below the jawline, as this will make men look ridiculous.

11. The use of oil control:

Apply a gel moisturizer containing SPF 15 to your face and neck every day. It is much better than a heavy moisturizer. Avoid oily moisturizers as they will make men’s makeup slide off during the day.

12. The use of primer:

Primer is a must for all skin types and tones because it creates a layer between your skincare products and your foundation, resulting in a flawless complexion—and less need to touch up with powder during the day.

13. The use of facial mask:

Men wearing makeup after facial masks will help clean their pores, moisturize skin and treat various skin problems are available at many drugstores or supermarkets. Use it once a week only!

14. The use of camouflage cream:

Camouflage Cream is beneficial for men with acne, scars and sun damage. This cream contains light to medium coverage and is used in a thin layer.

15. The use of shaving:

Men wearing makeup before and after must take care of their facial hair. Shave in the direction of hair growth and use skincare products that soften the bristles for easier shaving.

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The use of shaving

After cleaning the face, use a toner to tighten pores and remove excess dirt. Moisturize skin by choosing the right product type for your skin type. After this step, use sunscreen or foundation with SPF 30 to protect your skin from sun damage.

16. The use of sunscreen:

Regularly wearing SPF 30 sunscreen will prevent sun damage that can lead to crow’s feet, expression lines and wrinkles.

17. The use of moisturizing cream:

Moisturize skin with a heavy-duty moisturizer twice daily to hydrate skin throughout the day. Avoid oily, greasy or pore-clogging moisturizers.

Do straight guys wear makeup?


Nearly every man wears some type of product in his daily routine. Whether it be cologne, antiperspirant, or face cream, men are all about looking their best. But what is the line between grooming and makeup?

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Men have been wearing makeup for centuries, but what about before they used it to cover up blemishes or wrinkles?

Some of the most famous men in history were known for their love of cosmetics. Alexander The Great be a lover of makeup and Cleopatra famously bathed in milk and honey every day as part of her beauty routine.

If you’ve ever wondered if we can find any evidence that men wore makeup before they needed it, here are some surprising facts from ancient times! 

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