People With Too Much Makeup On 20 Easy Ways Steps

People with too much makeup on their faces are only found in movies or television. People with too much makeup on their faces are not currently present in real life because they have all promptly killed themselves.

People with too much makeup on
People with too much makeup on

Wearing too much makeup can make it difficult to see what you are doing when applying your makeup. This may lead to repetitive motions, which leads to ingrown hairs and other skin problems.

If you have too much foundation on or if your eye shadow is caked on, this blog post will help you get rid of the excess makeup so that it doesn’t cause any more harm to your face!

People with too much makeup on

People with too much makeup on Just saying those words together makes me cringe and want to punch someone in the face.

But we all know that not everyone is blessed with perfect skin. So I will show you some ways to look your best without looking like a clown! 

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People with too much makeup on

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20 Easy Steps To More People With Too Much Makeup On Sales

People look in the mirror and think they look fine when they have way too much makeup on in reality. It is essential to know when enough is enough; otherwise, you will end up looking like a clown or, even worse, an extra from “The Walking Dead” Here are some signs that your makeup needs adjusting: blotchy skin, caked powder, sparkly cheeks, overdone brows.

1. Too much makeup on the lips

If you have too much lipstick or lip gloss, apply a cream blush to your cheeks and gently rub off any excess color from your lips with a tissue.

2. Uneven mascara application

This happens when one eye has more mascara than another or if you accidentally got some on your skin. Carefully wipe off excess mascara with a cotton swab and apply another coat to both eyes.

3. Cakey foundation

A cakey complexion results from too much foundation; it can make your features look masklike and unnatural. Apply a moisturizer and gently rub it in using your fingers, which will help even out the color.

4. Oily hairline

If your hair looks greasy, use an oil-absorbing product like baby powder to get rid of the shine on your forehead and temples.

5. Puffy eyelids

To take down puffiness around the eyes, place cold tea bags (soaked in ice water) over each closed eye for about five minutes. The tannic acid in the tea will constrict the capillaries and reduce puffiness.

6. Overly bronzed skin

Sponge on some creamy concealer, then gently pat it into your face with a powder brush. The light texture of the product will allow you to layer as much or as little bronze pigment as you want while still creating a smooth base for your bronzer to adhere to.

7. Redness around the nose

To diminish redness, apply some light lotion or creamy concealer with a small brush beneath your eyes and on the area around your nostrils. Gently blend everything to get rid of any harsh lines.

8. Caked-on blush

Cakey blush can make your cheeks look drawn and chalky; not cute! To remove the excess color, dab on some lotion or creamy concealer with a small brush and blend it into your skin until you’re satisfied with the result.

9. Too much lip liner

If you’re wearing a dark lip shade and over-lined your lips, dab a little foundation or concealer on a small brush and blend it into your skin. This will soften the harsh lines of the liner.

10. Cakey powder

After applying setting spray, dust mineral veil all over your face to get rid of the powdery look. The veil will absorb the excess powder and help your makeup last longer.

11. Facial oil

If you have an oily face, do not use any moisturizer on top of your foundation when using a liquid or cream-based formula. If you oversaturate your skin with moisturizer.

Facial oil
Facial oil

It could make your makeup slide off or cause your face to look shiny. Instead, spray some toner on a cotton pad and sweep it across your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) before applying foundation.

12. Orange-y blush

If you’re using a powder blush that’s too dark, swirl a clean makeup brush into your favorite cream blush and apply it to your cheeks with light strokes. The cream color will be easier to blend onto the skin without leaving harsh marks.

13. Caked-on bronzer

To get rid of the excess bronzer that’s sitting on your skin, take a makeup sponge and dab it into the bronzing powder. Gently press it onto your face in circular motions to remove any patches of tan along with the caked-on product.

14. Melted lipgloss

If your lip gloss dries out into a sticky, jagged mess on the inside of your makeup bag, keep a small bottle of rubbing alcohol in your purse or at your desk to get it back to its original state. Drip just a few drops onto an old makeup brush and apply it to your lip gloss.

15. Shimmery eyelids

If your eyeshadow has too much glitter, remove it by taking some baby wipes or makeup remover wipes and gently wiping off the excess color. Be careful not to pull on your skin as you wipe!

16. Overly bright blush

A bright blush may look good in the store, but not with your natural coloring. Try lightening up your blush by dabbing on some lotion or creamy concealer with a small brush and blending it onto your cheeks.

17. Lipstick on teeth

If you see that you have lipstick on your teeth after applying makeup, try brushing them with a dry toothbrush. If your brush is not dry, it could transfer color to the bristles and then onto other teeth. You can also carry a travel-sized mouthwash with you in case of emergencies!

18. Red nose

Here’s your answer if you have ever wondered how celebrities prevent their noses from looking red! After applying your sunscreen, lightly sweep on some loose powder with a brush to help blur imperfections. This will also help prevent redness and give you an airbrushed look.

19. Shiney forehead

If your T-zone looks pretty good, but you have a shiny forehead, apply a small amount of setting spray or toner all over your face. The oil will absorb into the blotting paper and leave your skin matte like the rest of your complexion.

20. Slightly red lips

The easiest way to get rid of redness on your lips is by using a dab of concealer with a clean brush, but if you’re in a pinch, you can use a cotton swab or cotton pad and swipe it across your lips. The stain will magically disappear!


Using a different method to remove your makeup before going to bed will help you remove all the excess makeup you have applied during the day.

So, for those looking for a skincare routine, this article provides something new and helpful to make your life easy.

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