Amazing 22 Ideas For Pumpkin Face Makeup

Pumpkin face makeup is a makeup technique popularized by the movie Halloweentown. It’s also a technique used in many different countries for different reasons.

There are a few different techniques for doing pumpkin face makeup, but all of them have one thing in common: they are all done using orange and brown colors. For example, pumpkin face makeup can be done with different shades of these colors, from orange to red. Sometimes, the artist will use purple or blue hues as well.

A pumpkin face is a great way for kids to learn more about how makeup is used in professional performances and theater. Pumpkin face makeup has been used for centuries for festivals and ceremonies. Parents can follow many recipes for pumpkin face makeup with their children so they can create their unique designs.

Amazing 22 ideas for pumpkin face makeup

Here are 22 great options that you can start with to create your unique look. Many of these are based on the original pumpkin face makeup from Halloweentown and have been updated for modern times.

1. Sexy smoky look:

The first idea is a sexy smoky look that doesn’t have a lot of detail. The second is a pumpkin face makeup design that uses many colors to create a very interesting design. The third option is similar to the one that Disney created for the movie, but this one has been updated and made easier for kids to use.

Pumpkin Face Makeup
Pumpkin Face Makeup

2. The perfect Halloween look:

This is the perfect Halloween look, and it’s super easy to do! It can be done quickly and has a lot of character.

3. Bright and colorful design:

This design isn’t complicated, but it looks great on children who are just learning how to do pumpkin face makeup. The colors look great together, and the design has a lot of spirit. You can make this yourself with your favorite colors or use some of the colors that Halloweentown used in the movie.

4. Brown eyes and purple lips:

This pumpkin face design uses browns for the eyes and purple for the lips. Originally, this design used brown for the entire face, but it was updated for a darker look that is still very popular with children. You can use a darker foundation to make this look or add black eyeshadow to your foundation.

5. The classic smoky pumpkin face:

This design was featured in many different movies and is great for kids of all ages who want to learn how to do pumpkin face makeup. It’s one of the most popular designs, so you’ll probably need to make a few different variations to start with.

6. Orange eyes and blue lips:

This look uses orange eyes and blue lips. This cute design will make it easy for kids to learn how to do their style of pumpkin face makeup.

7. Halloween colors:

This pumpkin face is made up of two colors, black, and orange, some of the most popular Halloween colors. The orange is added to the mouth, but you can use many different colors for the rest of your face.

8. Yellow and black:

This design uses yellow and black so that the look will be unique. The yellow emphasizes lips, while the black eyeshadow and eyeliner add depth to this look. This can be used as a costume design or everyday look on your kids.

9. Red lips and blue eyes:

This pumpkin face design adds red lips with dark blue and purple eyes. The lines are thin to make a face appear smaller, which helps to highlight the lips and eyes. You can use any color for the rest of your look to create a fun look that can be worn as a costume or an everyday look.

10. Cool pumpkin face makeup:

Your kids will love this design because it’s very cool! The design is simple, but it still looks awesome on kids. You can use black and brown together with orange to create a fun look that is great for kids of all ages.

11. Two color pumpkin face:

This design has two colors, but it still looks cool! One of the colors can be black or brown, some of the most popular colors for pumpkin face makeup. The other color is orange or yellow, making this design stand out and look unique.

11. Cool and easy pumpkin face makeup:

To make this design look good, you don’t need to be a professional pumpkin face makeup artist. It’s very easy to do because it uses orange, black, and white. You can also use pink or purple instead of white if you want a unique design that is still very eye-catching.

12. Different colors for each side:

Marie-Lan Nguyen created this design for her daughter as a fun look that young girls could wear at school or on the weekend. She completed the makeup with actual light bulbs so that the makeup would look great in the sunlight.

13. Green and black:

This design is a green pumpkin face that uses black for the eyes. The two colors together appear like an evil witch. Most of these designs can be done with any available colors, but some will work better with a particular color scheme, such as black and orange or green and purple.

Pumpkin Face Makeup

14. Minimalist pumpkins:

This design uses a minimalist pumpkin face that shows the basic outline of a pumpkin. The size is smaller than most pumpkins, but it still looks great and can be used as an everyday look or as a costume. You can use any color to create the perfect look for your face.

15. Pretty pumpkins:

This design is a pumpkin face makeup with two colors. The first color can be orange, a popular pumpkin color, or you could use pink, purple, or any other colors that work well for the cheeks. The second color can be black and white to create a feminine and pretty look.

16. Green pumpkin face:

This design uses green for the face and black for the rest. It was inspired by traditional designs used in many different costumes over the years. You can use any colors that you want for your design.

17. Black eyes with orange lips:

This design uses black for the eyes and orange for the lips. You can add a little green to the cheeks to make this look cool.

18. Black pumpkin face:

This Halloween look has black as the main color, so it’s an amazing design that will be perfect for kids who love black makeup. You can also make this look work with other colors, such as orange or purple, which are some of the most popular Halloween colors.

19. Green and orange:

This design uses two colors, which makes it unique and fun. The color scheme is green and orange so that the face will stand out, but you can use any colors to create the perfect look for your face.

20. Yellow pumpkin face:

This design uses yellow for the eyes and blue for the lips. This cool design will make your costume look great, but it can also be used as a pumpkin face makeup that you can wear daily.

21. Green and black:

This is another design that has black as one of the colors. This can be worn as an everyday look or as part of your Halloween costume. You can use any color to create the perfect look for your face.

22. Orange and black:

This design uses orange and black as the two primary colors. You can add a little bit of green or blue to make this look more contrasting, but it works perfectly with these two colors as they are.

How do you do pumpkin face makeup?

There are three steps to creating a pumpkin face:


It would help if you had the makeup.


It would be best if you used tape to hold the shape of your face.


It would help if you filled in any areas that need it with black eyeshadow or eyeliner. The beauty of pumpkin face makeup is that as you get older, you can use more and more products without ruining the look. You don’t have to start with the same foundation you did when you were young.

How do you face paint a pumpkin?

There are many different ways you can create face paint for a pumpkin. You can use anything. But here are two great recipes that you will like:

  • Start with an orange-colored foundation. The next step is adding white to the foundation for highlights, blending it smoothly with your fingers or a sponge.
  • Use white as the base, and then add a touch of brown to give it color. You can add more brown to make the pumpkin look bruised.

Be aware that some products will cause skin irritation if applied directly to the face. You should test it on your arm before applying it to your face. Another thing to remember is that your pumpkin will not last forever, so try to keep it for several hours at most.


Pumpkin face makeup is a great way to make your Halloween costume stand out. Before the design, you should decide what type of face paint you want to use.

Pumpkin face makeup has been around for centuries, a good tradition that can be shared with generations. Of course, makeup is not for kids who want to look scary or like zombies. The design is meant for children and people of all ages, so the designs and colors are designed with that in mind.

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