What Do Almond Eyes Look Like 17 Secret Techniques

What Do Almond Eyes Look Like is one of the most requested topics I have ever covered on this blog. As someone born with almond-shaped eyes, I can truly appreciate how beautiful they are and understand how frustrating.

For people whose almond shape does not look as stunning, an almond-shaped eye or Oriental eye.

What Do Almond Eyes Look Like appears to be more round when centered and less round when pulled to one side.

What Do Almond Eyes Look Like
What Do Almond Eyes Look Like

What Do Almond Eyes Look Like is also genetically a trendy and standard eye shape among East Asians. Almond-shaped eyes and the lids are more elongated with a “crease” (the double fold of skin above the eyelid).

That runs the nose to the outside corner of your eye. They make you look charmingly mysterious and uniquely beautiful.

However, almond-shaped eyes are also considered one of the most complex eyes to flatter. Many Asians, especially East Asian women with almond-shaped eyes, have asked me to make their almond-shaped eyes more beautiful.

First of all, you need to know your eye shape before deciding on an appropriate makeup style and picking up some valuable tips from professional makeup artists.

What Do Almond Eyes Look Like?

What Do Almond Eyes Look Like wondering what an almond-shaped eye looks like amazing? Here is a diagram.

What Do Almond Eyes Look Like

I created this diagram based on my own experience. I have noticed that the charts provided by online beauty books and sites tend to be somewhat inaccurate or misleading.

Because they only show how your eyes should look when both of them are facing forward simultaneously. When looking in the mirror or meeting your friends directly, your eyes turned side as shown in the diagram above.

Secret Techniques

1) Brush off the lashes with a clean mascara wand.

2) Use an angled brush to do winged eyeliner. Do not worry about the top lid, as a natural-looking eye shadow will cover it.

3) Line your lower waterline with dark or light colors while holding the pen at a steep angle.

4) Contour your eyes with black eyeliner in the hollows of your socket and under the lashline. It will create a more defined eye shape and prevent a “flat” look.

5) Find your eyebrow color that matches your complexion, and use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps between hairs. Be sure to blend well!

6) Top off your look with a highlighting concealer on the high points of your face (nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow). It will make the area around your eyes appear softer and more attractive.

7) Use a nude-colored blush to cover any areas that completely. Blush helps bring out the natural definition of your cheekbones, jawline, and neck. You can also use bronzing powder for an added glow!

8) Add a little shine to your cheekbones by applying liquid or shimmery highlighters over any areas you feel need more attention. It will help bring out the natural glow of your face, and it’s also the best way to make your makeup look like it belongs to you and not just something you applied on top of your skin.

9) Use some mascara if you still want more definition in your lashes (but be careful not to create a fake-looking false lash effect).

10) Use a gel- or cream blush (any color may work) to give the apples of your cheeks a nice rosy glow.

Secret Techniques
Secret Techniques

11) Apply some light pink, peach, or coral lip gloss on top of nude lipstick for extra poutines!

12) Be sure to have a nice pair of earrings or necklaces that suit your personality, such as heart-shaped earrings for more girly girls and silver studs for girls who are edgy.

13) The almond shape is naturally defined by the crease above it and the eyelid below, so you only need to define the shape.

14) If you want to deepen it, add black eyeliner or eyeshadow in the crease. Which color? The same color as your hair should be delicate!

15) If you want to enhance the lid lines, use a nude eyeliner on all upper lids and line your lower waterline until it creates a triangle pointing downward.

16) If you want to make the eyes look bigger, only use an eye shadow with shimmer on the top lid! (I suggest applying heavier-looking eye shadows first and then using lighter ones for extra definition.)

Extra tip: To avoid looking like a drag queen or a clown, be sure to use a highlighting concealer on the high points of your face (nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow). It will make the area around your eyes appear softer and more attractive.

17) Do not forget to top off with pink or red lipstick! There is no magic potion that you can use to instantly transform your almond eyes into round ones like in the cartoons. However, with these tips on making almond eyes look more extensive, you can at least change their appearance and hopefully impress your friends, family, and even yourself!

Almond Eyes Ideas

1. Deep-set eyes:

The eye sockets are not as evident, and dark circles look more prominent.

2. Prominent cheekbones:

The Almond eyes with a broad, round hat resemble an upside-down teardrop.

3. Rounded corners:

The curve in your eyelid goes up instead of down if you have rounded eyelids.

4. Fewer lines:

If there are less than three well-defined lines in the eye shape, then it is considered a lesser almond shape

5. The whole eye looks round:

The baggy skin above the eyes also gives them a less defined almond appearance, this type of almond shape would be called a “round eye.”

6. The crease starts from the outer corner of the nose:

It is uncommon, but it can make your face look less defined and more round than usual.

7. The fold goes downwards toward the cheekbone:

A downward-sloping wrinkle under the eye will make it appear closed when you smile and look tired when you are not.

8. The upper lid is longer than the lower lid:

Your crease does not start nose but more towards the outer corner of the eye. It would be considered a “high fold.” This type of almond eye looks as if it’s slightly squinting even when you are smiling broadly.

The upper lid is longer than the lower lid
The upper lid is longer than the lower lid


What Do Almond Eyes Look Like is a beautiful thing? To answer that question, we need first to understand the shape of an almond eye.

Do you have almond-shaped eyes or round eyes instead? Your eye color can also help identify your type of eye! For example, green and hazel tend to indicate almond-shaped, while blue shows more rounded features.

When it comes down to What Do Almond Eyes Look Like, there is no one way for anyone’s eyeball to look because everyone has different genetics and carries their own unique set of traits with them throughout life.

So, if someone tells you, “Almonds don’t exist,” then back away slowly from this person as quickly as possible before anything terrible.

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