What eyeshadow goes with a red dress : Best 17 Eyeshadows

What eyeshadow goes with a red dress? It is a blog post that discusses what eye shadow goes with a red dress. Red is a full colour that can make you feel strong and empowered.

It is the perfect article for those who want advice on beauty products with their favourite clothes.

It’s also helpful for people considering purchasing new items in these colours. The most important thing about choosing an eye shadow that matches your skin tone and hair colour is making sure you have one that complements both without overpowering either.

What Eyeshadow Goes With A Red Dress
What Eyeshadow Goes With A Red Dress

If you think that the red dress will be your go-to for the night, then there are a few things you need to consider. Red can be a very bold colour choice and will have an equally intense effect on your makeup.

What eyeshadow goes with a red dress is what you want as if what eye shadow goes with a red dress’s too much. It may take away from the attention of the dress itself.

One thing that could help offset this would be using more muted colours such as browns and golds in order to tone down some of the intensity.

What eyeshadow goes with a red dress

What eyeshadow goes with a red dress? It is a question many women ask themselves.

Appropriately selected eyeshadow gives you a unique image of the kind that will cause all eyes to turn towards you, while a wrong choice can have quite the opposite effect.

The use of colour is important when trying to create a certain look with your eyes. By using the right colours for your eye shadow, you can create a dramatic or subtle look.

What Eyeshadow Goes With A Red Dress

It is important to match your eye shadow to the colour of your dress. For example, if you are wearing a red dress, it would be appropriate to wear red in your makeup.

We all know that red looks great on any skin tone. Suppose you want to wear a red dress and don’t know what colours to use for eyeshadow. This article will give you some ideas of what shades will look best with your dress.

What eyeshadow goes with a red dress best 17 eyeshadow

Colour is an important part of makeup. The effect you are trying to achieve will determine what colour choices you make for your eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish. These tips can help you choose the right colours to go with a red dress:

1. Neutrals

Neutral shades (black, grey, taupe) are appropriate for weddings or formal occasions, especially if you wear a dark red dress. They are also good choices for ANY colour of a red dress.

Neutral colours can also be used with any pattern in the dress.

2. Enhancing Shades

Enhance the natural colouring of your eyes by choosing an eyeshadow that is one shade lighter than your natural eye colour. If you have brown eyes, try grey or taupe eyeshadow.

Blue eyes will pop with a golden shade of shadow. Green eyes look great with pink hues, and hazelnut shades are flattering to green-brown hues.

What colour eyeshadow makes eyes look less red
Enhancing Shades

If you have blue or green eyes, avoid red eyeshadow because it will wash out your already light-coloured eyes.

3. Glitter

You can use glitter eyeshadow in moderation with an evening look, but avoid it with a red dress if you attend a daytime function.

Makeup for daytime functions should be more toned down than evening makeup because bright colours will catch everyone’s eye and may appear too harsh when seen under the bright lights of the day.

4. Pink and red

Red and pink eyeshadow is all the rage right now. If you would like to follow this trend, we recommend using a matte red or matte fuchsia eyeshadow, as it is more versatile than shimmering shades.

The best way to apply these colours is with an applicator to be closer to your skin tone. If you use the applicator, it will make your skin look flawless.

5. Brown or black

If you are wearing a dark red dress, consider using brown or black eyeshadow for an elegant look. These colours can also give more depth to lighter coloured dresses and may be combined with softer pinks and purples.

6. Nude

Nude eyeshadow is a natural finishing touch for any look, especially wearing a red dress. A soft pink or warm beige could also work well with your outfit.

Which shades of eyeshadow should you wear

Make sure that the eyeshadow colour complements your skin tone and doesn’t clash with your dress colour.

7. Gold

Gold eyeshadow has become increasingly popular, especially when wearing red. If you like to wear gold eyeshadow with your dress, make sure that it is more matte than shimmery in order to avoid looking like part of the disco ball at a party.

8 . Purple

Trying purple or lavender eyeshadow? You may want to try a deep shade, as lighter shades can wash out your face and appear more like a bruise.

Now you know what eyeshadow goes with a red dress! You will look beautiful on all occasions with these different options of eye shadow colours.

9. white

White eyeshadow is very hard to pull off, but if you are daring enough to give it a try, make sure that the shade is matte. White shimmery eyeshadow can appear chalky and may be unflattering with a red dress.

10 . Black

If you’re going for a gothic look, wear black eyeshadow with a red dress. It is an excellent option for nighttime events and can turn any outfit into a gothic masterpiece. You can add eyeliner, false lashes or dark lipstick to complete your look.

As you can see, the colour of your dress is not the only factor when choosing eyeshadow colours.

11. Rouge

When wearing a red dress, you can also try a bold look by adding rouge to your cheeks, lips and eyes.

What color eyeshadow go with a red and black dress

Rouge is an even brighter colour than pink and may be difficult for some women to pull off.

12 . Sparkle

Sparkling eyeshadow gives the effect of stars twinkling in your eyes. You can use this look for nighttime events or formal occasions.

13 . Bright Pastel

Bright pastel eyeshadow is a popular choice for spring and summer weddings. It also looks lovely with floral prints.

14. Gold Glitter

You can combine neutral shades of eyeshadow with gold glitter to brighten your face and draw attention to your eyes.

15 . Brown Sparkles

Brown sparkled eyeshadow is very popular with women over 40 because it can look beautiful on mature skin. It also looks great in combination with soft red lips and roses in the hair.

16 . Green Sparkles

If you are not wearing green or if your dress isn’t green, you can enhance the colour of your eyes with green sparkled eyeshadow. Green is a creative and unusual choice and is sure to catch everyone’s attention at your next party!

17 . Glitter & Sparkle

You can create an eye-catching look by combining different types of sparkling eyeshadow colours. For example, you might wear gold eyeshadow with blue or purple sparkles on your eyelids.

Colours to Avoid with a Red Dress

There are specific colours you should avoid when wearing a red dress:

* Pastels – These shades will not provide you with enough contrast against your skin and hair, which can make them appear watery.

How to apply eyeshadows properly
Colours to Avoid with a Red Dress

* Yellow – Yellow is a complementary colour for red, meaning it is the natural choice on the colour wheel. However, yellow can make your eyes appear more hooded and darker than they are, therefore creating a less than flattering look.

* Orange – The complementary colour for blue is orange, and it can be too intense when paired with a red dress.


Red is a striking colour, and it’s easy to match, but you want to tone What eyeshadow goes with a red dress down with the right eyeshadow.

If you love red lipstick, try using neutral shades that in day or night, look like peach hues for daytime wear and rosy tones at nighttime. For those who still want something vibrant, choose colours such as pink.

Purple or green from the opposite end of the spectrum than your dress colour for an eye.

Catching contrast whether you are looking for a bright look during the summer months or need some help selecting makeup colours to go with your fall wardrobe choices.

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