Why did Michael Jackson wear makeup: amazing 20 Hacks

Why did Michael Jackson wear makeup? Michael Jackson was best known for his music, but he also had a reputation as an eccentric.

People speculate that it was to cover up acne scars or vitiligo. The truth is no one really knows. There are so many different ideas about why Michael wore makeup and what it meant.

People are often wondering why Michael Jackson wore makeup. There are many different theories as to why Michael Jackson might have chosen to go with this look.

Why Did Michael Jackson Wear Makeup
Why Did Michael Jackson Wear Makeup

One of the most popular theories is that he wanted people to think of him as black when they saw him in public, so they would not see him as just another white man who had taken over the culture.

This theory has been around since he died in 2009 and did seem like a plausible explanation. Because of how much emphasis African American’s put on skin color during this period.

Why Did Michael Jackson Wear Makeup

Michael Jackson’s use of makeup was a hot topic for decades. There are many theories, but one is that he wore it to cover up vitiligo. This skin disorder causes patches of the person’s skin to lose pigment (turn white).

It can be especially noticeable in people with dark skin. Their unaffected areas will stand out in contrast and appear lighter or whiter than usual.

His use of makeup may also have been due to shyness. He hit puberty too early and had an unusual growth spurt.

It made him self-conscious throughout adulthood. Wearing makeup has become a massive trend in the past few years. He wore it to cover his vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that causes white patches on the skin.

Why Did Michael Jackson Wear Makeup

This condition can be devastating for those with low self-esteem and may not want to show their face without wearing makeup. To learn more about what you can do if you have this disease. MJ dealt with it.

20 Amazing Why Did Michael Jackson Wear Makeup Hacks

Michael Jackson was a king of pop and wore some very elaborate makeup looks. With the release of his new album “Xscape,” there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Michael, including some great gossip about how he made up his face.

Here are 20 fun facts that will shock, astound and entertain you. I’ll bet you’ll be wearing some more blush after this!

1. Michael Jackson’s favorite makeup artist was Karen Faye, who gets a thank you in nearly every one of his songs. She was the only person allowed to do his makeup while he grew up.

2. Contrary to popular belief, he did not have vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition that changes your pigment, and Michael Jackson’s skin color was alternately chalked up to bleaching or makeup.

Why Were Michael Jackson's Lips So Red
Michael Jackson Wear Makeup Hacks

3. He wore makeup to cover the scars from his Pepsi commercial accident. He suffered third-degree burns on his face, scalp, and chest.

4. His favorite colors were gold and silver, so he often performed in metallic outfits. Those outfits were incredibly heavy, but they made him look like a god.

5. His “Thriller” video is the most expensive music video ever made. It cost over $1 million to make, and it is full of iconic makeup looks still popular today.

6. He wore up to five inches of makeup before his concert performances. The payoff was worth the effort, though. He probably had to soak his face in a vegetable steamer while he waited for it to be time.

7. His favorite lipstick was Carmex Cherry. It comes in a silver tube that looks like an old-fashioned cigarette holder; how cute is that?

8. He often wore pancake makeup, but it was always mixed with his spit to prevent it from being too thick.

9. He wore multiple pieces of false eyelashes at a time. Three pairs per eye are not unusual for one of his concert performances.

10. In the video for “Black or White,” he wears a vest that’s made entirely out of Swarovski crystals. It has over 2,000 crystals in it.

11. He wore black lipstick during his “Bad” tour because he thought it made him look more masculine when dancing.

12. He was a germaphobe and wouldn’t allow anyone besides Karen Faye to touch his face while doing his makeup. That tells you how much control he needed to feel comfortable performing in front of millions of people.

13. He started using less and less makeup over time because he felt too “fake” wearing it. He was a perfectionist, but his fans missed seeing him all painted up like a doll.

14. In the early days, he sometimes wore three different shades of blush at once. It was a homage to Diana Ross, his idol. He often copied her makeup looks for performances.

15. His most iconic look is from the “Smooth Criminal” video, which features a dark jawline and exaggerated cheekbones.

Who Gets Michael Jackson Royalties
Michael Jackson Wear Makeup Hacks

16. In rehearsal for one of his concerts, he could not go on stage because his makeup was melting off. He refused to go on until his makeup artist came with emergency supplies to fix it.

17. His favorite blush is Moon Drops by M.A.C Cosmetics. It’s a creamy powder blush in the shade “Peach Blossom.”

18. He wore purple lipstick during his “Remember the Time” video because he wanted to look like an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. He also wore white robes to match the white in his hair.

19. When he was sick, he would wear even more makeup, so he didn’t scare fans away. It was all part of being a consummate performer.

20. He often wore one outfit for multiple days in a row to avoid getting it dirty. He must have been the cleanest person in the world.

Why Did Michael Jackson Wear Makeup is Neverland not selling?

The Neverland estate was one of the most anticipated real-estate listings in recent years. There were rumors that it would go for as much as $100 million.

Why Is Neverland Not Selling
Why Is Neverland Not Selling

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 It is not selling because it doesn’t offer the right product for the customer. There’s no use continuing down an unsuccessful path if there’s something else that could work better.

Why Did Michael Jackson Wear Makeup die?

Michael Jackson was one of the most famous people on Earth. Why does every celebrity have their doctor on call at all times, just like Michael had Dr. Conrad Murray as his personal physician since 2004 (and with good reason)?

Michael Jackson Eyeliner
Why Did Michael Jackson Wear Makeup die

It seems ridiculous for someone who doesn’t need constant medical care or treatment to hire somebody else to take care of them 24/hours a day.


Michael Jackson was born in 1958, and he always wore heavy makeup to cover up his many scars. He felt like it made him feel more confident about himself and gave him a sense of individuality.

MJ knew that wearing makeup helped provide him with confidence and show off who he indeed was inside–a talented singer with a big heart for others! As a child, Michael Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo.

The disease causes white patches to form on the skin and hair loss. He often wore makeup or made himself look whiter by using bleach on his face and scalp.

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